Wherein i teach you about harmony dynamics, and the quantum integral.

We need to review some fundamentals of physics before we go much farther otherwise none of this is going to make any sense at all..

First off, physics is a way to study the natural world.

There is not much about it that complicated other than how scientist’s choose to talk about it, so they can generally agree and understand each-other, just like an auto mechanic or a banker has their own special words.

That’s all that is barring most people from generally understanding what’s going on minus the math..

We will get there later. Math is more pattern and structure than anything else....

So what are some basics?

Let’s start with the concept of an atom.

  • Proton
  • neutron
  • electron
  • element
  • mineral
  • mass can density and molar weight
  • quick overview of
  • balancing and recombining molecular equations (add this much magnesium and this much sulfur, whatcha got? How to write that or read it.
  • basic math things you may see will come later,
  • all in time.. this is a big project translating science and other disciplines into a homologous and discernible document we call a book. **this is the beginning of a serious and humble attempt to explain everything from particle physics to quantum entanglement and far more mundane but equally important things. **

To be continued tomorrow.

It is to be presented as a serialized novel. Written in real time and researched previously for years often decades but the idea is we can go along as if we were stuck in the same cool place together and we are just having a conversation. You inside your head reading and me trying to bring you to a new set of gears on things you are already interested in.

Talk with you soon!

hope that helps. humbly, Ramo / Omar https://Ramo.Today

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